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Types of Bands That Will Suit Your Wrist

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Watch straps, which allow us to be aware of the time and add elegance to our elegance, are one of the best complementary details of your style. It is very important to choose the right watch bands, which are made of metal, leather, rubber, silicone and ceramic materials and have different color options and styles. Choosing the right watch band allows you to use your watch comfortably and combine it with your clothes easily. You can benefit from the tips we will give you to choose the watch band that best suits your wrist. The primary condition for finding the watch that best suits your wrist is to know your wrist size. Wrist thickness is the most important detail in choosing a band. If your wrist is between 14-16 cm, it is possible to say that it is too thin. The most suitable cords for this type of wrist are thin leather or wicker braided thin metal cords. Thick cords on these types of wrists can create a rough appearance. 16-17 cm is a normal thinness measurement. Thick cords are not recommended for these wrists either. 17-18 cm is medium thickness. It suits wrists of almost every thickness and style. If your wrist is over 18 cm, you should definitely not choose a thin band. Thick cords will suit your wrist better. Metal, rubber and silicone bands look great on wrists of this size. Therefore, if you have a thick wrist, you can easily use thick cords and combine them with your stylish or sporty clothes.

Discover Stylish Thin Bands That Will Befit Women's Elegance

Watches with thin straps are the perfect complement to the style of women with elegant wrists. Watches with thin straps made of metal and leather materials are best integrated with the style of elegant and evening dresses. You can complete all your combinations with David Guner's thin bands in rose, black, navy blue, silver, gold and mixed metal colors.

Capture Your Charismatic Pose with Metal Cords

We can say that metal cords produced from materials such as steel, alloy, brass, titanium, gold and silver are the greatest representatives of a charismatic stance. Metal straps match perfectly with metal-cased watches and look great with your jewellery. If you wear your watches with metal straps in harmony with the color of the jewelry you use, you can make both your jewelry and your watch stand out.

Achieve Classic Elegance with Leather Bands

Classic leather straps, which may never go out of fashion, represent a unique elegance. Particularly thin leather cords match perfectly with elegant bracelets. You can easily use thick leather straps with watches with larger diameter metal cases.

Discover Easily Replaceable Wristwatch Bands

Leather, woven metal and rubber straps are the most easily replaceable strap types. You can also replace these cords yourself at home. If you are wondering why it is so important that a band can be easily changed, let us give you the answer right away: Having different bands using a single case allows you to easily change the band and combine it with your clothes. Therefore, if you have a single watch and want to create different styles, you can choose this type of watches.

Discover the Most Stylish Watches with the Most Stylish Bands

The biggest factor that determines the elegance of a watch is its strap. Before discovering the most stylish watches, we recommend that you take a look at the most stylish band models. If you are going to choose a watch with a stone case, you should definitely choose metal and thin straps. If you do not prefer such a stylish watch and are looking for a watch that you can combine with your daily stylish clothes, you can choose wicker braided metal bands.

How to choose a watch band?

Before choosing a watch band, you need to know the wrist size and style of the person you will buy the watch from. If this person has a thick wrist type, you should choose thick bands; if he has a thin wrist, you should choose thin bands. If the person you will buy the watch from has a sports style, we recommend that you look for silicone or rubber straps. If this person has a more elegant style or usually dresses in a smart casual style, you can choose metal cords.

What should be considered when using a watch band?

When using a watch band, you should make sure that the watch fits your wrist properly. This way, your watch will not disturb your wrist, squeeze it or stay loose. It is also important that the strap of the watch is easily adjustable. There will be different types of maintenance depending on your band's individual needs. You must know these types of maintenance and take care of your cord well and regularly.

How to clean a watch band?

When cleaning a watch band, it is important which material the band is made of. If you have a metal band, after separating the band from the watch case, you should place your watch band in a glass of water prepared by adding a drop of detergent, leave it for 15 minutes, and then wipe it with a delicate cloth. If you cannot reach the joints of metals, you can perform detailed cleaning using dental floss. We recommend using vinegar and water to clean leather straps. The most important thing you should pay attention to here is that you do not leave the cord wet. When cleaning silicone or rubber straps, you can also wipe your watch using detergent and water. The cloth you use when wiping your watches must be soft and not damage your watch.