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What are the watch measurements according to the wrist?

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The same situation also applies to the golden ratio rule. Getting the right dimensions when using a watch is like cooking a meal. Spices used more than necessary will spoil the taste of the food, and using less spices than needed will make the food taste incomplete. Here, the anatomical structure of your wrist and the anatomical structure of the watch you will use are very important. If your wrist size is shorter than 15 cm, it will be more ergonomic and aesthetic for you to use a watch with a case diameter of 38 mm. If it is between 15 and 18 cm, it will be more ergonomic and aesthetic for you to use a watch with a 40 mm or 42 mm case.

If your wrist length is more than 20 cm, we recommend that you use 44 mm or 46 mm watches for a beautiful and aesthetic watch experience.

Symmetry in the Watch and Wrist Sizes

Nowadays, many watch models have emerged. Regardless of whether you choose mechanical watches, digital watches or smart watches, there are some elements you should pay attention to. If there is any distortion or slippage on the dial of your watch, the entire aesthetics of your watch will completely disappear. We can roughly categorize your wrist size in three ways. These; You can call it thin wrist, normal wrist and thick wrist.

Case Diameter of the Watch

Basically, the case diameter of the watch varies between 38 mm and 42 mm. The average thickness of these watches is 7 mm. It will be possible to see thicknesses of 9 mm and above in watches with a case diameter of 42 mm and above. Please remember that your wrist size is important when choosing the case diameter. A watch with a 44 mm case diameter cannot be expected to look good on a thin wrist. It will even look like a trust on your wrist.

Watch Band Width

A well-proportioned watch has a ratio between case diameter and strap width. This ratio is ½. In other words, half of the watch's case diameter should give the strap length of our watch. To illustrate with a short example: Let our watch have a case diameter of 38 mm, the strap width of this watch should be 19 mm. This watch has a case diameter of 40 mm and the band width should be 20 mm.

If you have difficulty making this choice considering your wrists, there is also an alternative option. You take the case of the watch and then replace it with a band that is more suitable and you like. This will be easier after choosing the safe.

Watch Band Material

Of course, the visual beauty of the materials used in your watch is important, but another point you should pay attention to is the quality of the materials. Material quality, which is directly related to the durability of your watch, can be discussed under two headings: strap and case.

Band materials include plastic, real leather, faux leather, metal, silicone, etc. appears as a material. Your clothing choice will also play an important role when choosing a band. Wearing a watch made of silicone or plastic material with a formal outfit will definitely look inappropriate. Because the weight of the place you go or the event you attend may make you need to reconsider your watch strap choice and clothing choice. For classic clothing, a stylish and matte leather strap will do the trick. If you prefer a metal strap, a dark gray or black metal strap with matte colors can also be used. In addition to the quality of the band material, it is also important that the materials used in the case are water and scratch resistant. We wouldn't want a stylish and beautiful watch to be scratched even by the slightest accident, right? Here, we should not forget the glass part of the watch. While quality glass is important for the cleanliness of the watch, it is also important for watches with touch features to better detect the calibration points.

Details of the Clock

Details of your watch are actually a very broad topic. Personal preferences come to the fore here. For example, if you have a smart watch and you can change its dial from the themes installed in it, all the savings are up to you. For example, you can see the charge status of your watch, the number of steps you have taken, the weather of that day, your messages on the same screen, and you can also see just some of the features I have mentioned on the face of your watch. What matters here is your preferences. In addition, the size of the stopwatch, calendar and numbers on the screen is also important for you. Because let's imagine that you have a smart watch with a leather strap that looks nice on your wrist. If the details on this watch, such as the calendar, are written in large numbers, this will cause a balance problem between your wrist and the watch. Unfortunately, this incompatibility occurs more in individuals with thin wrists. If your watch and your wrist are truly compatible, and the numbers on your watch are compatible with your wrist structure, that watch is perfect for you.