Feeding on traditions and saying "there is no dream that cannot be achieved!" In our journey that starts with the philosophy, we focus on the vision of becoming a world-renowned, leading watch brand.


David Guner and His Craftsmanship Legacy

David Guner, the modern face of a tradition dating back to 1964, is a success story shaped by craftsmanship. Transforming the knowledge of a family of watch connoisseurs into an international company working with world-renowned brands, David Guner started dreaming big and, with a passion for watches instilled by his father, took the first steps towards establishing a global brand based in San Diego in 2020.

With the goal of making a unique watch experience accessible to everyone and with a passion for his work, he established an office in the heart of the watch industry, Hong Kong, and a factory in Shenzhen. By taking the experience gained from producing and distributing watches for world brands one step further, he aimed to deliver high-quality watch models to the world. His presence in the heart of the global watch industry began with following his passions. Today, with over 100 employees, his factory produces stylish and high-quality collections distributed to 40 countries, and the designed models set trends in the industry.

Continuing his journey with a culture that prioritizes customer satisfaction, David Guner brings quality within reach of stylish individuals. Despite being among the companies recognized worldwide, the company always aims for new achievements and strives to make a difference in the watch industry with the motto of continuous development and innovation.

The key to success lies in making the most of every second.