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Discover the Best Time for Skin Health

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Watches that sit on your wrist all day long come into direct contact with your skin. In this respect, it is important to decide when choosing a watch, taking into account skin health. The best watch models for skin health are those that have healthy standards in terms of materials and design. In addition, choosing a watch suitable for your wrist structure is also important for your health.

Watches made from materials that are harmful to the skin may cause skin allergies or worse conditions. Models that are not suitable for the wrist structure may negatively affect the quality of physical movement of the wrist, hand and arm. For example, watches for thin wrists and watches for thick wrists have different designs.

David Guner Each of our models is designed from materials that protect skin health and do not harm the skin. You can make the right choices by choosing watches from our collections that do not harm your skin and suit your wrist.

Use Watches That Do Not Harm Your Skin!

Poor quality and unsuitable watches can cause serious health problems over time. Quality in a watch is a detail that must be taken into consideration not only for style and style but also for health. For example; The watch band must be stainless solid steel, skin-compatible plastic, original leather or original steel braid. Watch bands other than these may cause skin allergies and irritation. Imitation watches, especially those made of nickel-mixed metals, are very harmful to the skin.

High-quality watch models that are suitable for skin health are produced from quality materials such as cases and straps. Titanium, steel, gold or silver materials are quality and healthy materials for watch case design.

You can easily find quality and skin-friendly watch models on our page, examine the details of the models and purchase them with confidence. In this way, you can wear watches all day long without any problems and reflect your style with their stylish designs.

Bands You Can Choose According to the Thinness of Your Wrist

Wrist structure is one of the criteria that will determine how the watch band should be. Choosing the right band allows you to wear comfortable and healthy watches all day long. In this respect, we can say that useful watch models are models that the person chooses according to his own wrist and skin structure.

You can determine the band type and length according to the thinness of your wrist. Watches that are tight or loose on the wrist are not useful and will disturb you during the day. Very thick cords do not look stylish on thin wrists. More minimal watch bands are suitable for thin wrists. Likewise, the case diameter should be smaller for thin wrists.

Conversely, thick straps are more suitable for thick wrists. Thin straps will not look good on thick wrists and will not be comfortable to use. If you have thin wrists, you can take a look at the DG-8144LC-G2 model, as well as the DG-8178LA-G2 and DG-8133LC-C5 women's wristwatch models. We can give examples of men's watch models that will fit thin wrists, such as DG-8198GA-D9 and DG-8072GA-E9 men's wristwatch. There are also different designs on our page. watch You can also have an idea about the watches suitable for your wrist by looking at our collections.

Don't let watches weigh down your arms

Watches that are not suitable for the wrist will weigh down the wrist. Heavy watches are also not useful when it comes to long-term use. When choosing a watch model that will not weigh your wrist, you should choose the case diameter according to your wrist size.

In women's watches, case diameter options under 38 mm are options that will not add weight. Women with thick wrists can choose watches with sizes 36, 37, 38 mm and above. It is healthier for women with thin wrists to choose watches with case diameters of 31, 32, 33, 34 and 35 mm. For men, if the wrist size is less than 15 cm, watches with a case diameter of 38 mm are suitable, if the wrist size is between 15 and 18 cm, watches with a case diameter of 40-42 mm are suitable, and for thick wrists of 20 cm and above, watches with a case diameter of 46 mm are suitable.

Not choosing a case diameter suitable for your wrist size will cause the watch to weigh down on your wrist. With the compatibility of wrist size and case diameter, you can wear the watches throughout the day in a way that is both comfortable and does not harm your health. The incompatibility of these two elements prevents a stylish look when wearing a watch.

Stainless Silver Plated Materials for Those with Allergies

Depending on their skin structure, some people may be sensitive to some materials. Sensitivity on the skin reveals a possible allergy problem. It is important to pay attention to the material when choosing among watch types for those with allergies. For example, in this respect, stainless silver-plated materials are non-allergenic.

As David Guner, we always prefer quality and skin-friendly materials in our watch designs. While choosing an allergy-free, healthy and useful watch from our website, you can also experience the difference in stylish design.

It should not be forgotten that the strap and case material determine the quality of the watch. You can always make healthy choices among our watch models that combine design elegance and high quality standards. Our watch models, made of skin-friendly stainless silver-plated material, are offered with artistic, modern and stylish designs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Wearing a Watch Harmful?

It is harmful to wear watches made of poor quality materials. Such imitation watches can cause skin health problems. The watch that will be on your wrist all day long must be made of quality materials.

  • Which Watch to Wear on a Slim Wrist?

Watches with a smaller case diameter and a strap that is not too thick are suitable for thin wrists.