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How to Identify the Original Watch? How to Check the Originality of a Watch?

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In addition to being an indispensable accessory, a watch is also very valuable. Therefore, it is very important whether the watch purchased is original or not. In the ever-growing watch industry, different brands offer different models. As the options increase, it becomes more difficult to understand the originality of the watch. So, how can you tell if your watch is original or fake?

How to tell if the watch is original?

To ensure that the watch is original, many points are very important, from its weight to its sound, from its strap to its serial number.

1. Weight of the Watch

Original watches are designed with many small parts, and each of these parts is produced from precious materials. For this reason, original watches are heavier than they appear. Since precious materials are not used in non-original watches, they are much lighter than original watches.

2. Material Quality of the Watch

Original watches use quality materials. Thus, they are of much better quality than fake watches. While original watches have many features such as shock, scratch and water resistance, fake watches do not have these features.

3. The Sound of the Clock

The sound of original watches produced with quality materials and good workmanship is different from fake watches. This difference is an important criterion in determining whether the watch is original or not. When you listen carefully to the sound of the original watch, you will hear a perfect sound and this sound continues in a certain rhythm. There are flaws in the sound of the fake watch and irregularities in its rhythm.

4. Writings on the Clock

Original watches attract attention with their hand craftsmanship. There is flawless workmanship at every point, from the design of the watch to the inscriptions on it. Precision tools are used to write the inscriptions on the watch. If the writing on the watch is difficult to read or the form of the writing is not correct, the watch is not original.

5. Watch Strap

The watch's strap, as well as its mechanical workmanship, give important clues about its originality. Regardless of the material of the watch bands, which are produced in different materials, quality is not compromised. Therefore, if there is a visible defect on the strap, the originality of the watch should be doubted. Additionally, most watch brands put a unique stamp on the watch strap. This stamp should also be checked before purchasing the watch.

6. Watch Serial Number

Every original watch has a serial number. The serial number written on the watch must be the same as the serial number in the box of the watch. The warranty certificate containing the serial number must also contain the brand's signature and stamp. If the numbers match, you can be sure of the originality of the watch by having this number checked by the manufacturer as the next check step.

7. Watch Glass

The glass of original watches is of high quality, just like its other materials. That's why they are usually designed using quality glass such as sapphire. Fake watches produced with poor quality glass have a green reflection. If you look carefully at the glass of the watch and see green reflections, you should be careful about the originality of the watch.

How to Inquire Authenticity by Brand?

Each watch brand has a different query method. If you want to inquire from the brand to ensure the originality of the watch, you can use the design details and serial number in the watch's documentation.

  • Inquiring Quantum Watch Authenticity: Quantum brand watches, originating from Switzerland and Hong Kong, belong to the Turkish company and you can inquire by contacting the authorized company.
  • Seiko Watch Originality Inquiry: On Seiko watches, the font of the Seiko text, which is also found in the brand's logo, is very important. You can understand whether the watch is original or not by paying attention to this article.
  • Gucci Watch Authenticity Inquiry: You can check the authenticity of the watch by scanning the QR code that comes from the box of the Gucci watch from the Gucci Tag application.
  • Tissot Watch Originality Inquiry: Tissot brand watches have internationally valid warranty cards. You can make inquiries on the brand's official website with this card, which contains the watch's serial number, reference code and authorized dealer information.
  • Ferruci Watch Originality Inquiry: To ensure the originality of a watch you have chosen from Ferruci, one of the Turkish watch brands, you can compare the information in the warranty certificate by calling the authorized company.
  • Casio Watch Authenticity Inquiry: Casio watches have a 3 or 4-digit code on the back. You can make an inquiry with this code on Casio's official website.
  • Polo Watch Originality Inquiry: Polo watches, like other original watches, are produced using high quality materials. You can get confirmation of the originality of the product by paying attention to the quality of the material and sharing the product information with the authorized company.
  • Calvin Klein Watch Authenticity Inquiry: If you are going to buy a Calvin Klein brand watch, you can reach its authorized dealers from the brand's website.
  • Swatch Watch Originality Inquiry: Swatch watches stand out with their quality. The strap of an original Swatch watch is also of very high quality. If you still have a question mark in your mind when you look at the quality of the watch, you can call the authorized company.

How to Tell the Originality of a Gold Watch?

To be sure of the originality of the watch, it is necessary to pay attention to its quality. You can also easily inquire from the authorized company using the serial number. To understand whether gold watches are original or not, you should also pay attention to whether real gold is used. Fake gold is generally brighter than real gold and changes shine and color depending on the light. Real gold does not change its shine and color in any light. Another important point is weight. Fake gold is much lighter than real gold.