Saat Pili Nasıl Değiştirilir? Detaylı Saat Pili Değiştirme Rehberi

How to Change a Watch Battery? Detailed Watch Battery Replacement Guide

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In addition to adding meaning to life and making humanity's life more productive, watches have also meant a lot as a status indicator since the first day they were invented. In order to make time timeless, we have prepared a detailed change guide for your watch, which is a reflection of your character.

What is the lifespan of a wristwatch battery?

Your wristwatch, which has become an integral part of your daily life and used in every aspect of your daily life, actually has a battery life. A normal wristwatch battery life generally ranges from 2-4 years. While using the right and appropriate watch battery for your watch will prolong your watch usage time, by purchasing a quality watch battery, you will also avoid the damage that low-cost watch batteries may cause as a result of frequent shopping.

How to Tell if the Watch Battery is Dead?

At that moment when your watch stops or slows down and shows the wrong time, you should first think about whether you have struck your watch recently. If your watch has not received any impact recently, it is likely that your watch's battery is dead. In this case, changing the battery without damaging the watch is very important for the lifespan of your watch. It is a recommendation that you should pay attention to, especially in order to avoid going out of warranty. Whenever the clocks are opened, they actually become open to threat, like a person under open surgery. For this reason, getting professional support and precise watch care is the first requirement to make your watch an immortal legacy.

Equipment to be Used for Watch Battery Replacement

It is necessary to show professional precision when changing the watch battery in order to extend the life of your watch. During replacement, your watch must be protected from damage such as impacts and scratches, as well as substances such as moisture and dust that may cause problems in the internal mechanism. To do this, it is necessary to work on the watch with a powdered latex glove, as if you were going into surgery. While a sharp-tipped opener and a magnifying glass are required to open the cover of your watch, a screwdriver, also called a jeweler's screwdriver, suitable for the screws of your watch is required for watches whose back plate is closed with screws.

How to Change the Battery Without Damaging the Watch?

Professional watchmakers follow different steps when changing the watch battery, depending on the basic design of the watch. To open the closed models that we frequently encounter, it is necessary to lift them from the recessed part with a special pointed tool. The watchmaker, who finds the recessed part with the help of a magnifying glass, must wear powdered latex gloves when changing the battery and keep the watch mechanism away from harmful substances such as dust and sweat. The recess discovered with the help of a magnifying glass should not be forced too hard to prevent damage to the structure of the watch and prevent scratches etc. Damages such as these should be avoided during this process. Once the cover of your wristwatch is opened by paying attention to these tips, the watch mechanism and battery compartment are revealed. The battery is removed from the watch slot by professionals using tweezers, being careful not to damage the slot, and then the battery suitable for your watch model is properly inserted back into the empty slot. It is very important for the internal mechanism and lifespan of your watch that the new battery that will be put back into your watch is not fake. The back cover of the watch is closed by squeezing it, repeating the sensitivity shown when opening the watch. While it is vital that this process does not take too long to prevent substances such as dust and sweat from entering the watch, care must be taken during the installation process, as in the removal process, to avoid any damage or scratches. In the control phase, which is the last stage of the watch battery replacement, in which it is necessary to be both meticulous and fast, the professional checks with the help of a magnifying glass whether the watch cover is closed tightly or not. Once it is confirmed that the wristwatch is working, your watch will be delivered to you.