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Stone Watches

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Reflect Your Style with Stone Watches!

When it comes to wristwatches, it is actually possible to talk about a basic aesthetic taste and knowledge. Wristwatches, which can be considered as a personal aesthetic piece, meet the expectations of the users in parallel with their different case and dial features. Today, many famous watch brands appeal to users with different types of watches in terms of design and quality, and continue to produce watches that can make people feel special with every use. While stone watch models are evaluated in this context, these watches both display an aesthetically different stance and offer the user the pleasure of elegance and original design. When stone watches are considered in general, it is observed that stone engravings and professional placements are used on the case. In addition to the stone-encrusted designs on the case, there are also stone-engraved designs on the dial and used on the hour and minute hands. It is possible to achieve a very different and stylish look with wristwatches designed and produced using stones, with both men's and women's models.

Stone Watch Models

When considering stone wristwatches, it is possible to talk about some of the features of these watches that are both eye-catching and quite remarkable. When it comes to those who use stones in watches, watch brands vary.

Women's Stone Watch Models

Women's watch models are considered as the most active and fashionable area of ​​the watch industry with their different colors, dials and case types. This diversity in women's watches comes from the matching of wristwatches to other accessories used. However, since women's watch fashion requires the evaluation of more than one option in terms of both season and color, there is a similar diversity in watches produced with stone embroidery and stone. When considering women's watch models with stones, the most common and preferred models are the watch models with stones engraved on the watch case. Stone watch models of the most well-known and leading watch brands can be produced using both colorless shiny stones and various colored stones such as pink, green and blue. Apart from the case, watch models with stone engravings on the dial are also frequently preferred. Watches with stone engraving on the dial are generally designed to be compatible with the numeral displays and the motif and pattern inside the dial. Stone engravings used in both ways add a stylish design detail to women's wristwatches and also make the watch stand out as an eye-catching element on its own.

Men's Stone Watch Models

Wristwatches designed and produced specifically for men generally consist of watch models that are not too detailed or flashy, but have a masculine and sharp design line. However, especially in recent years, men's stone watch options have started to come to the fore in men's watch models. While men's wristwatches in general use have a simple but sharp design, stone models have brought a new and different breath to men's wristwatches. The use of stones in men's watches is mainly seen on the internal mechanism and dial of the watches, compared to women's watches. The use of precious stones such as rubies, emeralds and diamonds used in the internal mechanical parts of the watch case is a technique with a long history of use. This method, used especially in Swiss watchmaking, is now widely preferred in luxury men's watches. In addition to the internal mechanism, the use of stones is also frequently preferred in men's skeleton watch models. The use of stones on the dial is generally used skillfully to reflect a minimal and simple elegance. In men's watch models, especially in the latest fashion wrist watches, the use of stones can be preferred in a way that preserves the elegant, stylish and masculine style of men's watches.