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Smart Watches

Smartwatch Guide to Find the Best Watch for You Wristwatches integrated with a computer system, also known as wearable computers, are called smartwatches, and the fashion of smartwatches is increasing day by day. Smart watches, which allow you to translate and even play games, make your life easier by working together with your phone. When choosing smart watches that will allow you to carry technology on your arms, you need to consider some issues. For this reason, let's get to know smart watches closely and help you find "that watch" that suits you.

Information About Smart Watches

Smart watches, which are the center of attention with their appearance, actually make our lives easier functionally. Imagine carrying your computer or mobile phone on your arm. Direction finding, mobile phone notification, gaming etc. With all its features, it does everything your phone or computer can do. Smart watches, which match your clothes with different band color options, also adapt to your life with their water resistance feature. You can live every moment of your life more comfortably without ever taking off your watch. A Brief History of Smart Watches In the 90s, when we saw watches that could measure blood pressure or calculate blood pressure on someone's wrist, it was like seeing a spacecraft. However, the history of smart watches goes back even before the 90s. The watches that were introduced to the market as “digital watches” in 1972 were actually smart watches, but their sophistication and features were more limited due to their period. When we came to the 80s, with the increasing use of computers, the computerized watch model was adopted. In other words, we can say that the watches of these years are the ancestors of today's smart watches. In 1984, Casio made a breakthrough and developed its calculator watches and introduced computerized watches to the market. Exactly 10 years later, Timex Datalink made a breakthrough and developed smart watches that work in conjunction with some features of computers, that is, you can add a calendar or provide wireless data transfer. In 1999, Samsung made a bigger breakthrough and introduced a smartwatch with a smaller antenna and much more features. The only feature of these watches was not that they had an antenna, they also had a LED screen and microphone and speaker integration. Of course, these features were not in vain, you could make calls for exactly 90 minutes with this Samsung smart watch. When we moved into the 2000s, these breakthroughs and initiatives began to occur much faster. Watches with increasingly longer battery life appeared with more memory and more features in each new model. Smart watches, which have evolved and improved continuously in 22 years, have become today's examples.

Features of Smart Watches

Just like the differences in the development processes of smart watches, smart watches also have different features depending on their models and brands. Some of the prominent features can be listed as follows: Ability to receive phone notifications on the smart watch simultaneously with the phone. Ability to make phone calls. Heart rate measurement and sleep tracking. Daily movement (step counting, etc.) tracking. Sports tracking. Alarm clock application. Music control GPS. Ability to open various applications. feature: Altitude measurement. Points to Consider When Choosing a Smart Watch That Suits Your Needs. Before choosing the smart watch that suits your needs, you need to thoroughly research the smart watch market and know the features of the watches well. If the features of the watches do not match your needs, you should definitely not choose that watch. First of all, you should make sure that your watch is original in order to have a longer life. Non-original smart watches have a short lifespan, and if there is any problem, you may have to throw away your watch because it may have been manufactured directly from a faulty product. Your secondary priority is how much space the watch fills in your daily life. In other words, both in terms of size and functionality… If you choose a smart watch that is too large, but you cannot combine it with your clothes and you are uncomfortable because it is heavy, do not choose such a watch. A light and functional model may be your choice. You should be careful to choose a watch that is relevant to your clothing style and that will not tire you in daily use. Your watch must work in full harmony with your phone. For example, if you are someone who listens to music while walking or doing sports, your watch must have the ability to open and manage a music application. If you have an active life, you can make sure that your watch has features such as a pedometer and heart rate monitor.

Usefulness of Smart Watch

What determines the usefulness of a smart watch is undoubtedly its features and the model of the watch. In order for your watch to be useful, in addition to the features mentioned above, it is also important that it harmonizes with your clothes and style. For example, if you have a colorful clothing style and want to combine your watch as an accessory, you should choose smart watches with replaceable straps. Smart watches with E-link screens have very good visibility in areas where light is high or exposed to sunlight. If you want to use your watch comfortably in summer, you can choose this type of smart watches. If you need to use the buttons of your watch frequently, you can choose models with small screens. If you want to easily get the most out of all the features of your watch, you should choose watches that have both button and touch features.

Battery Life of Smart Watch

The battery life of each smart watch is different. We can say that the average battery life is 1 day, but it is also possible to find watches with batteries that last 4-5 hours. The charge of smart watches with e-ink technology on the screen lasts longer. If you use your smart watch very actively, you should choose smart watches with this type of battery.

Price of Smart Watch

The price of the smart watch is determined by the brand and the features of its model. It is possible to find smart watches in a wide range of prices on the market. Nowadays, you can own a smart watch for 400₺, or you can connect your hands with computer technology for 7,000₺.

What is a smart watch?

A smart watch is a wearable computer developed with an integrated computer system.