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Watch Collection

Creating a Watch Collection for Beginners

Many of us wear watches in our daily lives to keep track of the time and to use them as accessories. Some people are so passionate about their watches that they continue to wear them even if the battery is dead, while others want to crown their watch passion with a good collection. If you are so passionate about watches, you can start creating a collection immediately. So, if you ask what makes a collection different from a hobby, we recommend that you first take a look at some requirements.

Information You Need to Start Collecting Watches

Before you start collecting watches, you should know the models and brands of watches very well. In order not to pay more for a watch than it is worth or to be able to get its value right, it is beneficial to be a serious watch expert. It does not matter whether the watch you will buy is used or a very old model. The important thing is that there are no scratches anywhere on the watch and that it is original. For this reason, when buying a watch, you should definitely ask for its documents and avoid imitations. The watch you buy must have a storage box that fits the watch exactly and you must find a good watchmaker to have the watches serviced regularly. When changing the batteries of watches, you should definitely use original batteries and be careful about this.

Brand, Model, Feature Selection

Just as every person has their own characteristics and character, every watch also has a character and some features. When collecting watches, the brand, model and features of the watches you choose vary depending on the purpose for which you collect the watch. If you are going to use the watches in your collection in your daily life, you can choose new generation brands and models and perfectly complement your elegance and collection with the retro styles of new generation brands. If you want it to remain only in your collection; You can choose antique clocks. These types of pieces will add both material and spiritual value to your watch collection.

Storage Methods

When storing the valuable pieces of your watch collection, you should keep an eye on them. First of all, you should put your watch in a box that is suitable for it, has a soft interior, and will not damage any parts of your watch when you put it inside. You must keep the documentation of your watch. To avoid loss, our recommendation is to keep your documents somewhere next to the watch box.

Maintenance Methods

It doesn't matter whether you wear the watches you buy for your collection frequently or not. You should definitely clean your watches regularly. Battery replacement and regular maintenance are very important to prevent the watch from breaking. For this reason, you should definitely take the watches in your collection out of their boxes and check them at regular intervals. If your watch's battery is dead or you see any problems, you should definitely take it to a watchmaker or authorized service you trust. Another issue is related to the way your watch works. If you do not have an automatic watch and need to wind your watch, you should do this at regular intervals. The less you wind it, the less the life of the watch decreases. You should definitely store your watch collection in a dry place that is not exposed to direct light.

Points to Consider When Collecting Watches

Watches do not have to look alike or belong to the same period in order to collect watches. It is possible to create a good watch collection with watches from every period, every brand and model. The most important thing you should consider here is that the watch is original and has material or moral value. You can use the watches in your collection if you wish, or just keep them in their box. This is up to your choice. If you want to sell your watches in your collection in the future, you can ensure that the watches you choose have a high financial value. Another option is to buy a watch with high features that is fashionable today and wait for its value to increase in the future.

Collection Strategy

The most important thing that determines your collection strategy is the purpose of your watch collection. You can choose watches with different styles, but if a watch does not suit the purpose of the collection, it will not add value to your collection. For example, if you use your watch collection as an antique collection, you should buy all pieces of the collection as antiques. In this way, you will have a collection whose value increases periodically. If you want to wear your watches today and evaluate them tomorrow, you can make sure that all the watches you choose reflect the technology and features of the time.


Determining the budget for your watch collection is entirely up to you. If you wish, you can allocate a monthly budget, or you can buy the hours that suit you with an annual budget plan. Rushing to add watches that do not fit your budget to your collection may disappoint you. Therefore, if you want to add a watch beyond your budget to your watch collection, you can save up for it and watch for the right time.

Original Certificates

When making your watch collection, it is very important that your watches are original. In order not to be mistaken and to avoid fakes, you should definitely receive the original certificate along with the watch and examine it in detail.

What is watch collecting?

Watch collecting is the gathering of watches of different or similar models as a hobby, for the purpose of displaying them or offering them for sale.

Is watch collecting done only with antique watches?

No, you can make your watch collection with any watch brand and model you want. What is important is your purpose for making the collection.