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Things to Consider When Choosing a Men's Wristwatch

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There is a wide variety of models suitable for both different styles and different needs. You can easily choose among these and enjoy the advantage of having the right men's wristwatch for yourself.

At this point, the issues you take into consideration during the selection process become very important. When choosing a watch according to your style and trends, you should also pay attention to superior quality and reliability for a comfortable experience.

You can also have a comfortable experience throughout the day by choosing healthy options designed to suit the anatomical structure of your wrist. For this reason, it would be right to know the points you need to pay attention to when buying a wristwatch and make your choices accordingly.

Wrist Size Should Be Considered When Buying Men's Watches

For a convenient and comfortable experience, you must first know your wrist size well. Products of quality and reliable brands have watch sizes according to the wrist. Thus, as long as you know the size of your own wrist, you can improve your preferences in this direction and choose designs that are comfortable for your wrist.

Wrist size, which is the most important and first step in choosing the right watch, is also important for an aesthetic appearance. Designs that are too small or too big for the wrist do not reflect a pleasant appearance and prevent the accessory from forming a whole.

Determining your wrist size is actually quite easy. You can use a strip of paper in this regard. With this you can circle your wrist and mark where the two extreme points meet. Then, you can open the paper and measure with the help of a straight ruler. In general, 14 to 16 cm refers to men with very thin wrists, while those who are 16 or 17 cm have thin wrists. While those measuring 17 - 18 cm are of medium thickness, those over 18 cm are among men with thick wrists. It is also possible to have more professional measurements taken.

Choosing a Wristwatch According to Case Diameter

If you determine the size of your wrist, you need to obtain information about watch diameters. In this way, you can learn the ideal wristwatch sizes for yourself and choose the wristwatch according to the case diameter during the selection process.

When buying a new watch, case diameter is a very important detail. It would be beneficial for men with very thin wrists to choose more minimal and small designs. At this point, designs with a case diameter of 38 mm come to the fore. Models with a case diameter of 40 mm would be ideal for people with thin wrists, and models with a case diameter of 42 mm would be ideal for those with medium wrists. Men with thicker wrists should choose wristwatches with 44-46 mm cases. Thus, the watch becomes a whole with the wrist and becomes an integral part of your body, displaying a perfect posture.

If you have a thick wrist but choose thin wrist watch models, it will look unpleasant. The same applies to the other. If your wrist is thin, big and flashy designs will weigh you down. Therefore, you need to approach the case diameter meticulously.

Having the Ideal Size for Cord Width

Just as watch dimensions are important, strap width is also equally important. The cord width must have ideal dimensions. When determining this, wrist size, watch case diameter and case thickness are taken into consideration.

In general, it is preferred that the band width corresponds to half the case diameter. At this point, although the individual's style, taste and preferences may differ, the ideal is for a watch with a case diameter of 44 mm to have a strap thickness of 22 mm. Such proportions are extremely effective for an aesthetic and stylish appearance.

Generally, men with thin wrists prefer smaller case diameters and thin straps. People with thick wrists buy men's wristwatch models with thick straps and large cases.

Materials Used in the Cord

Just as you decide on the thickness of the cord, you also need to choose the material used in the production of the cord. Men's wristwatch models made of different materials such as metal and leather are quite diverse. The band material, which is among the important criteria for both your wrist structure and style, allows you to improve your style and create a unique style for yourself.

Models with metal straps are generally heavier and have a very stylish appearance. You can achieve a striking and masculine look by choosing metal cord designs with modern and contemporary lines. Watches with leather straps are lighter and create a sporty style.

David Guner Men's Wristwatches

David Guner, who takes it as his duty to always offer the perfect thing to his customers with his years of experience, has managed to attract attention with his stylish and modern men's watch models. The brand, which is frequently mentioned around the world, helps you get a unique watch experience with its luxurious and ergonomic designs.

The company, which has become the favorite of men who take care of themselves and their style with its superior quality and budget-friendly price ranges, offers you options to suit every need and taste. You can choose among models that appeal to your style and have designs in sizes that match your wrist structure.

Products that promise you what you need in terms of functionality also stand out with different strap designs. Just as you have found the answer to the question of how many cm the thickness should be, you can also have steel knitted cord models or stainless solid steel cord models.