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Watch Band Selection

Wrong choices do not fit together with the wrist and create an unpleasant appearance by appearing in combinations. For this reason, when you buy a wristwatch, you need to pay attention to every detail and choose the designs that are right for you.

At this point, hour measurements come to the fore. The watch you buy should fit your wrist in size. Details such as case diameter, case thickness, strap thickness and length are among the elements that are generally taken into consideration.

Strap selection should be made depending on the features of the watch. In this way, an eye-catching unity emerges and your watch creates a unique ambiance on your wrist.

How to Choose a Band on a Women's Watch?

Women, who are at least as careful about using watches as men, want this accessory that complements their elegance to be perfect. Although trendy designs come to the fore at this point, superior quality and reliability are also sought in these products.

The strap section surrounding the wrist of wristwatches, which are desired to be perfect in every respect, is also of great importance. At this point, we often encounter the question of how the watch should look on the wrist. First of all, care should be taken to ensure that the watches, which must be compatible with the structure of the wrist, have the correct dimensions.

For example; Watches for thin wrists are very popular among women. In general, there is intense interest in these models because they exhibit an elegant and aesthetic appearance. However, minimal models should not be preferred for women with thick wrists. Otherwise, the wrist and the watch will not be in harmony and the desired elegance will not be created. The case diameter and thickness of the watch determine the qualities that the strap section should have. The measurements must also be compatible with each other.

In addition, features such as the material, color and design of the strap should appeal to your overall style. Designs you can use in daily life and models you can choose for special occasions are different from each other. Some designs create distinction in terms of being compatible with many combinations.

How to Choose a Strap on a Men's Watch?

Men who like to experience comfort and elegance together also attach importance to superior quality when choosing wristwatches. These products, which are among men's most valuable accessories, should be ideal in terms of size and shape.

Designs that constantly renew themselves depending on trends must meet expectations in terms of durability and reliability while carrying contemporary and modern designs. When you choose an ideal wristwatch model for yourself, you can first turn to useful and high-quality models that you can easily carry on your wrist, and add a unique touch to your combinations with designs that suit your style.

If you are wondering the answers to questions such as how to measure the diameter of a watch case and which dimensions would be ideal for my wrist, you must first measure your wrist. In this way, you can have an idea about the dimensions of the product you need to buy.

So, how to measure watch size? At this point, all you need to do is take a paper strip, wrap it around your wrist and mark the point where the ends of the paper meet. Then, you can measure the part up to the marked area with the help of a ruler. Depending on your wrist size, you can determine the measurements you need to pay attention to in details such as watch diameters, case thicknesses and strap thicknesses.

Finally, you can make perfect choices by determining which of the straps made of different materials such as metal, leather and wicker suits your style.

Which Type of Strap to Choose for Choosing a Watch According to the Wrist?

When buying a wristwatch, whether for male or female users, choices must be made according to the wrist. Especially the type of strap plays a big role in choosing a watch suitable for the wrist.

Although questions such as what is the watch case diameter or how it is measured come to the fore in the process of choosing a watch suitable for the wrist, it is equally important to know which type of strap models are ideal. Reliable brands, which design straps with watch cases in mind, offer different models to your liking. Depending on your style and needs, you can choose from straps made of different materials such as steel, leather, plastic and silicone.

While leather models can be easily adjusted according to the wrist, metal straps also have different designs. Straps, especially designed as braid and made of stainless steel, attract attention when choosing a watch according to the wrist.

You can get the right wristwatch for you by choosing one of the stylish and modern straps that perfectly complement the main case of the watch, and gain an advantage by crowning your combinations with a unique accessory.

How to Determine Watch Diameter Based on Wrist?

In order to choose a watch with a diameter suitable for the wrist, the question of how to measure the diameter of the watch must first be answered. Once you determine your wrist size with the help of paper, you can instantly find out which case diameter is suitable for you. Generally, classification is made as follows:

  • If wrist size is 12-13 cm, case diameter is 38 mm
  • If the wrist size is 15-18 cm, the case diameter is 40 or 42 mm
  • If the wrist size is 20 cm and above, the case diameter is between 44 and 46 mm