Mekanik Saat Nedir? Mekanik Saat Özellikleri

What is a Mechanical Watch? Mechanical Watch Features

Although in ancient times, time was measured by making use of nature such as sun, water and sand, in today's modern age, with the development of technology, it has become a tool with a multi-part, moving mechanism. The longer part of the clock is called the minute hand and the shorter part is called the hour hand, and the spaces between the numbers correspond to 30-degree angles. Nowadays, watches can be used in different areas. It is a product that can help you get up early when you set it up as an elegant jewelry worn on your wrist, or as a useful decoration hanging on the wall, or on the nightstand next to the bed. If we give information about the mechanical watch, it is a type of watch that works with an automatic system, is self-winding, does not have a battery or electronic source, and requires great effort to produce.

Who Invented the Mechanical Watch?

If we give information about the invention of the first mechanical watch, it was invented by the Chinese inventor Su Song, which used water as a power source. Subsequently, in the 13th and 14th centuries, old mechanical clocks that did not work with water appeared in Europe, but they were used only by scientists because they were too heavy and complex. The first mechanical analog clock was created in Prague in 1525, thanks to Jacob Zech. Accordingly, famous scientists Galileo Galilei and Christiaan Huygens also contributed to the development of the pendulum of the mechanical analog clock. Switzerland, known as the homeland of watches, has stimulated the industry with many famous brands that include mechanical watch models.

How Does a Mechanical Watch Work? Mechanical Watch Working Logic

If you are wondering how a mechanical watch works, it depends on a system called the mainspring, which controls the entire system. In winding watches, this spring is compressed by hand, and then when the spring relaxes, a certain power is produced, and this is the working principle of the watch. We can say that an automatic watch is another type of mechanical watch, it continues to work with movement energy. With the rotation of an incomplete, circular piece inside, it fills the mainspring with energy, thus allowing the mechanism to operate continuously.

Reasons to Choose a Mechanical Watch

Although it is generally thought that mechanical watch models are preferred by men, it has been frequently observed that they are also used by women because they are stylish and a very useful tool. In addition to being compatible with every outfit you wear, the mechanical wristwatch is an industrial product that will accompany you in every environment because it is easy to carry. Prices of mechanical watch models vary depending on their style and quality. You can catch the deals at certain times and have the opportunity to access cheaper mechanical watch models.