Quartz Ne Demek? Quartz Saatlerin Diğerlerinden Farkı Nedir?

What Does Quartz Mean? What is the Difference of Quartz Watches from Others?

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If we count three types of quartz watch technology; We can say it as battery powered, solar powered and kinetic. Quartz clock mechanism has a structure with long seconds intervals and is strong enough to work until the batteries run out. The goal of quartz watches is to help detect the correct time.

What is the difference between a Quartz Watch and a Mechanical Watch?

While mechanical watches work with movement energy, quartz watches do not work without a battery, so their lifespan depends on battery energy. Quartz watches do not experience problems such as misalignment or lagging, whereas mechanical watches may sometimes experience problems such as stopping and re-setting. Quartz watches generally have the potential to show accurate time; As for mechanical watches, you may encounter a situation such as 10 minutes less or more deviation per month. Mechanical watches need maintenance and oil changes every few years; For quartz watches, just changing the battery will be enough.

What are the Advantages of Using a Quartz Watch?

It is the type of watch that can measure time in the most accurate way thanks to its quartz clock mechanism. Due to the low production cost, quartz watches are preferred due to their affordable prices and pocket-friendliness, as well as having many models. Quartz watch is an industrial jewelry product that can be worn by everyone, regardless of the user, with designs that suit both men and women. There are also quartz watch models with a chain for those who like old-style models.

What are the Basic Parts of a Quartz Watch?

If you are wondering how quartz watches work, they have a mechanism supported by a microchip and energy received from a battery. Batteries send electric current through the quartz crystal and electrify the crystals to create vibrations. In this way, the mechanism starts to work, that is, the engine, hour, minute and second hand of the quartz watch show the miracle of moving simultaneously.