Saat Camı Değişimi Nasıl Yapılır?

How to Replace Watch Glass?

How to replace watch glass? Let's examine the question together under this heading. Some of the first questions that come to mind are: Will my watch work as before when the watch glass is changed? There is no visible change when changing watch glasses, and with a quality watch glass replacement, there will be no mechanical damage. But one of the few features you should pay attention to in your watches is that you should choose your watch glass carefully. Among the most durable and long-lasting watch glasses, glasses with a mineral structure come first. Choosing glasses with a mineral glass structure when purchasing a watch will help your watch to last longer. You can use your watch in a healthier way by taking care of your watch. But due to a mishap, you had to replace the glass of your watch. Some of the healthiest steps you can take are to report your watch to the authorized service unit and act within the scope of your watch's warranty certificate. As discussed, it is only an assumption that when the watch glass is replaced, it is not as healthy mechanically and physically as before. This is due to poor quality watch glass replacements.

What Should Be Considered When Changing Watch Glass?

Your watch glasses should not be changed unless by accident or any other misfortune occurs. If the watch glass needs to be changed as a result of any mishap, one of the things that needs to be done is to report the problem with your watch to the authorized service unit. The safest method is to have your watch repaired or replaced under warranty. So what should you pay attention to when changing the watch glass? Attention should be paid to authorized service units. Generally, you should deliver it to the authorized services of your own watch brand. You should replace the damaged watch glass with a quality watch glass. If you are going to change your watch to something other than your brand, one of the things you should pay attention to is that the person who will change the glass of your watch must be experienced and skilled. You must carefully select the quality of the new glass to be installed or have it selected.

Which Watch Glass Should I Prefer?

Which watch glass should I choose? is one of the questions asked when changing the watch glass. Let's examine the question together. Mineral glass, among the quality watch glasses, has the most impact-resistant structure. In addition, sapphire watch glasses are also very durable. These two watch glasses are among the glasses that are resistant to impact and mishaps among all watch glasses. If you are going to change the glass on your watch, you can choose between these two glasses.

What are the Types of Watch Glass?

Watch glass types are divided into 5 main groups. These; 1) Mineral watch glass, 2) Sapphire watch glass, 3) Crystal watch glass, 4) Mica watch glass and 5) Anti-reflective watch glass. Each of these 5 different watch glasses has features. First, let's examine the Mineral watch glass. Mineral watch glasses are extremely protective against impact. Thanks to their glass structure and the processes they undergo, they are extremely resistant to breakage and scratching. Secondly, Sapphire watch glasses, like Mineral watch glasses, are extremely resistant to impacts and scratches. One of the reasons why it has such a durable structure is that it has a durability of 9 MOH. Thirdly, crystal watch glass is more difficult and delicate to produce compared to other glasses. Among the features of crystal watch glass structure, one of the most important is that it is easy to process and provides light reflection and dispersion in the most efficient way. Fourthly, one of the most important features of Mica watch glasses is their heat-resistant structure. They are used in many areas with their heat-resistant and insulating structures. Another name is organic glass. We see mica glass quite often in our daily lives, for example in car windows. It has a structure that can be broken but preserves its broken parts as a whole. Fifthly, they are called anti-reflective watch glasses, in other words, non-reflective glasses. Anti-reflective watch glasses, especially used in smart watches, are used to give the impression that there is no glass and they absorb incoming sunlight and do not reflect.