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Choosing a Watch That Suits Your Wrist

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Choose the right watch for you. Wristwatches, which are indispensable parts today, can be determined according to wrist sizes, and you can determine the case diameter of the watch and choose your choices among the appropriate sizes. So how can I choose a watch that suits my wrist? If so, there are some suggestions to find your perfect matching watch. Of course, these recommendations we offer are just a few items that we recommend to capture the harmony created by your wrist with the watch chosen in the right proportion and size.

Know Your Wrist and Arm Size

Know your wrist and arm size. First, let's examine why it is important to have a watch that fits your wrist size. With watches that fit your wrist size, you will not encounter wobbling, stinging or squeezing problems. By determining and purchasing watch cases according to your wrist and arm size, you can get a comfortable experience and a stylish, elegant look on your wrist. In the second step, choose the belt design and width, case size and design according to your needs. It may be a little difficult to listen to these recommendations, but contrary to popular belief, finding the perfect watch for you with your own arm and wrist measurements is easier. If you want to find your perfect watch, don't forget to look at David Guner. We serve you with all kinds of sizes and designs.

Pay Attention to Watch Case Diameter and Thickness

Why should we pay attention to watch case diameter and thickness? Case diameter and thickness are one of the most important points in choosing your perfect watch. Women's wristwatch and men's wristwatch sizes. Their sizes vary. First, let's take a look at the men's watch cases. Case diameters of men's wristwatches generally vary between 38mm and 46mm. If you are looking for a vintage men's wristwatch, this search is changing. Case sizes in old period watches vary between 34-36 mm. The case dimensions of women's wristwatches are generally less than 38 mm. Measure your wrists! You have to know your wrist size for the case that fits your wrist. If your wrist size is shorter than 12-13 cm, your wrist is located between the small and medium segments. You should examine the watch case sizes that will suit you best, wristwatches between 38,40 and 42 mm. If your wrist size is 18 cm larger, you should examine the case diameter sizes 38, 40 and 42 mm. The case thickness should be the same as the diameter of the case. As the diameter of the case increases or decreases, the thickness of the case must also increase or decrease at the same rate. The thickness of a watch with a diameter of 38 and 42 mm is usually 7mm. If the diameter becomes larger, up to 44mm, the thickness increases up to 9mm.

Choose Watch Band Width and Type Carefully

Choose watch band width and type carefully. Now we add the band width and type to the case diameter and size, which will be proportional to the size of your wrist. Watch band width should generally be half the case diameter. Let's say you have a watch with a case diameter of 44 mm, the strap width should be 22 mm. So why are these dimensions important? You can get a healthier look and comfortable watch use with choices proportionate to your wrist. As with some watches, you can only purchase the case of the watch and then choose the strap yourself. Find your perfect watch with our recommendations and strap selections.

Make Sure of the Aesthetics of the Watch's Parts

Make sure of the aesthetics of your watch parts. Create a unique combination in your own style with watches, which are our indispensable pieces. So what are the structural parts that make up a watch? Our watches are assembled from many small structural parts, including dials, cases, straps and movements, to name a few. The mechanical parts of watches consist of the mainspring, gear set, balance wheel and escapement. So how can you achieve aesthetic quality from the parts of your watches? David Guner offers you unique options with quality mechanical and structural parts. You can discover your perfect watch with a case and straps proportional to your wrist size.