Saatin Sahte Olduğu Nasıl Anlaşılır?

How to Tell if a Watch is Fake?

Let's examine together how to tell if a watch is fake. Each original watch has its own characteristics. Among the features of original watches, they have their own unique designs, but fake watches are weak in terms of design because they are copied. Original watches have unique techniques. The ingredients and materials used in their production are of high quality. However, fake watches are technically inadequate and the materials used to make them are of poor quality. Another feature that distinguishes a fake watch from the original is its weight. The materials used in the original watches are original iron and its derivatives and that is why they are heavy. However, since imitation products are used in fake watches, their weight remains light. Original watches have impact-resistant, waterproof and scratch-proof glass structures. However, none of these features are met in imitation or fake watches. Many fake watches are produced to achieve visual harmony. Therefore, the only similarity between fake watches and original watches may be their appearance.

Beware of Fake Watches!

Beware of fake watches! Because most of the fake watches are produced to achieve the visual harmony of the original watches. Therefore, the raw materials used in the production of fake watches may be imitation or produced from substances that have not been tested for carcinogenicity and may be harmful to health. One of the most important things you should pay attention to, especially if you have sensitive skin, is health statements. Because fake watches can irritate your skin, stain your skin, or cause permanent damage to your skin. They can cause irreversible damage.

Ways to Tell if the Watch is Fake

Especially in these days when online shopping is increasing, one of the things you need to do to understand whether there are fake watches or not is to make your purchases from the shopping platforms of the original women's or men's wrist watch brands from their own websites. Before purchasing, you can look at the product images more carefully to understand whether the watch is real or fake. The most important detail is the warranty certificate. The warranty certificate is proof of the originality of a watch. You can distinguish a fake watch by sending the warranty certificate. Another method that distinguishes the original watch from fake watches is the special designs on the straps. In fake watches, strap design details are not meticulous. In fact, the simplest method is to consult a watch expert to find out whether the watches are real or not.

Be sure to examine the watch in detail

Be sure to examine the watches before purchasing them. One of the best ways to understand whether the watches you will buy are fake is to examine them in detail. If you are not shopping online, if leather is used in the watch, you can tell that it is imitation leather at a glance. Or you can understand the originality of the watch from the health certificates on it. And remember, if the designs in the details are careless, you may suspect that the watch is fake.

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Listen to the Sound of the Clock

Listen to the sound of the clock. Watches are among the indispensable parts of our combinations, special occasions and gifts. To use your watches for a long time, listen to the sounds of your watches. First, you should start by understanding whether your watches are original or not. The easiest way to do this is to check your warranty certificate. The second step is to use your watch by taking the user manual into account, which will ensure long-term use of your watch.

Examine Errors on the Watch

Examine the errors on the clock. Nowadays, there are imitations of original women's wristwatches, original men's wristwatches and even original smart watches. It is possible to distinguish original products from imitations with detailed examinations and many methods. Errors such as design errors on the watch, the use of imitation materials, the use of imitation paint make it possible to recognize fake watches.