Saat Kadranı Ne işe Yarar?

What is the use of a watch face?

The first thing that catches our eye whenever we need a watch is the hour and minute hands. Following this, the numbers, date etc. Other indicators come. The dial is the surface on the internal parts of the watch on which these depictions are located. In fact, we can say that it is the people who make the watch. The most important feature that makes a watch suitable for a person is its logo. The color of the dial, its indices, its readability, its features being Arabic, Roman, old Turkish or having no numeral residues, the writing style of the owners, the motifs or engravings on it, the writing of the brand logo, the calendar display and its location, the day display, the chronograph displays, the GMT display time. are personalizing features. For example, if you have a sports style, you should not choose a watch with Roman costumes written on it. In addition to all these personalized designs, it is also possible to come across iconic features identified with the brands. It is the area that shows us watch items and all the functions of a watch. For example, if you are using a digital watch and their stopwatch, via heart rate, etc. In all sections, various icons or shapes appear on the elements. So, when you look at the clothes of a watch, you can get a general impression of the effect that the watch will offer you.

How to Change the Watch Dial?

If you have a smart watch, you can set up your replacement manually somehow. The way to do this will be decisive from time to time. For this reason, we recommend that you read the user manuals before replacing components. If you have an analog watch and there is no watchmaker, we recommend that you do not change its features alone and entrust it to the expert hands you have. Changing the dial can make big changes inside the watch. You can create different styles on your watch by changing the color or material of your boring relics.

Make Your Watch Stylish with the Watch Dial

The watch face reveals the model and style of a watch. Whatever the style of the person wearing this watch or the colors he frequently uses, the dials of his watches should be compatible with them. If you want the dial of the watch you choose to give you a stylish look, we have a few suggestions for you. First you need to decide on the shape of your watch face. If you like sharp lines in your style, you should choose watches with angular shaped dials. If you have a softer and trendier style, you should choose watches with rounded lines. Another issue is the material used in the construction of the dial. If you are looking for a stylish watch, you can choose a watch made of metal or brass. Another element that will add elegance to the elegance of your watch is, of course, the engravings, patterns and decorations on the dial of the watch. These details should be in harmony with the numbers of the dial and the writing style of those numbers.

What are Watch Materials?

Dial: The dial, made of different materials such as metal, mother-of-pearl and brass, is the name given to the surface of the watch. Case: It is one of the most basic parts of the watch, following the dial. The mechanical system, dial and indicators of the watch are located in this section. There are different case types depending on their shape. Watch cases, which come in different shapes such as angular, round and oval, protect the mechanical system and the dial against external factors. Another function of the case is that it houses the buttons that enable the functions of the watch to be carried out. There are parts called "horns" on the upper and lower parts of the case that allow the strap to be attached to the case.

Strap: The most basic part required for a watch to become a wristwatch is the strap of the watch. It has a great determining role in the aesthetics and style of the watch. They connect to the plastic or metal parts on watch straps, which are mostly found in metal, leather or silicone forms. These fixing parts ensure that the watch fits perfectly on the wrist and can be used comfortably. Machine: This part, which enables the watch to perform its time tracking function, is one of the most important parts of the watch. It is divided into three types: battery operated, winding and automatic.

Mainspring: In automatic watches, it is the part that moves all the wheels of the watch by being tensioned by the winding crown. Gear Set: The gear set is responsible for carrying power to the balance wheel of the watch. The main part that makes up the seconds, minutes and hour is the feminine set. This part, which enables the watch to function as a result of many gears coming together and working in harmony, is one of the most sensitive parts of the watch. Balance Wheel: The part that performs the function of counting the time unit is the balance wheel. It is the part that creates back and forth movements.

Masha: The ticking sounds heard in clocks are caused by this piece. The escapement, which can be called the heart of the watch, ensures the smooth operation of the balance wheel thanks to its arms.

How Many Parts Does a Wristwatch Consist of?

What determines the number of parts in a wristwatch is the structure of the watch. While many different systems come into play in digital watches, there is not much difference in classical watches. What does watch dial mean? The dial is the watch face where the indicators of the watch's basic functions and functions are located.

Where is the clock grave?

The watch case is located right inside the watch case. It has hour, minute hands, numbers and other icons or officials of the clock.

How are clock parts made?

The production of electrical components such as enamel, steel and electricity requires mastery. After a piece is heat treated, it is molded and shaped, and its hardware is decorated with motifs, engravings, enamels or functional indicators such as icons and clocks.