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Band Models That Best Suit Your Watch

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After the dial and case, the most important part that completes a watch and determines its style is the watch strap. Strap models available in metal, leather, plastic, silicone, rubber or ceramic reveal the sporty, elegant or classic style of the watch. The watch you buy should reflect your style and be easily combined with your clothes. For this reason, you need to consider the color and material features when choosing your watch band. Watches with metal cases generally use leather or metal straps. The metal case and leather strap are representative of a classic style. Steel or metal mesh watches can be used in comfortable-looking, casual styles. Watches with steel cases are also compatible with rubber straps. The rubber band has a much sportier style. For watches with plastic cases, the best complement is silicone straps. Sporty style silicone straps offer different options to the user with their wide range of colors. For example, you can make your watch a complement to every outfit by choosing different silicone bands that match the color of your watch's dial and case and changing them according to your clothes. Strap models are not just about materials. This is where the thickness of the cord also comes into play. If you have a stylish style and are going to complement your watch with your elegant or evening clothes, you should choose a thin metal or leather strap. If you will wear your watch constantly in your daily life, you can choose a medium-thick strap that is not too coarse. The strap model that suits sports watches best is thick straps. These bands will complement your sports watch with a large case and will make it stand out as much as the watch's case.

Add Beauty to Your Watch with Stylish Bands

Interchangeable watch bands allow you to change the style of your watch whenever you want. For example, if you have a classic-looking watch with a leather strap, you can gain a sporty look by replacing the strap of this watch with a silicone or rubber strap; You can also have a stylish look with metal cords. You can add elegance to your style by choosing cords with embroidery or stones.

Discover Watch Bands Compatible with Your Wrist

When choosing watch bands that are compatible with your wrist, you must first get to know the band types closely and shop according to the size of your wrist. We have compiled the types of cords with their pros and cons for you. Leather watch band: Comfortable and lightweight leather watch bands fully embrace the wrist. It can appeal to every taste with different color options. Leather straps, which are in great harmony with classic and retro watches, can be easily replaced. The disadvantages of the leather band are that it wears out quickly and requires more maintenance than other watch bands. It is not useful in summer months as it may cause odor when in contact with water. Metal watch band: Easy to clean and maintain. Standing out with their durability, metal watch bands have a stylish appearance and can also be easily combined with sports styles. The only disadvantage of these watch bands is that they are heavy. Not suitable for thin wrists. Rubber watch band: If you are choosing a watch that you will use constantly in your daily life, rubber watch band is one of the most ideal band types. The variety of both durable and lightweight rubber cords is wide and their prices are affordable. Since it is not easily deformed in contact with water, its wear and tear is low. Since these cords are not airtight, they may sweat and therefore expand and break. In addition to the band materials, the type and size of your wrist are important factors that determine the band that is suitable for you. If you have a thin wrist, you should choose thin and light bands, not heavy and thick bands. If you have a thick wrist type, you can also choose wide and heavy metal straps.

Changing a Band is Simpler Than You Think

The strap replacement technique varies depending on the strap type of your watch. To replace your leather or mesh straps, you can follow these steps:

1- You need to find the appropriate tool to replace the band. This tool is usually found at the bottom of your watch box. If it is not in the box, you can use a thin earring or pin instead.

2- You need to loosen the spring bar. Use the narrow end of the tool to push the spring bar through the hole next to the tab. When the spring bar is pushed, it will come out of the hole and easily separate from the other nail.

3- Remove the strap from the watch and take out the spring bar. Use the same bar to install the new belt.

4- To attach the new band, push the spring bar through the hole of the watch band until both ends are visible.

5- Insert one side of the spring bar into the hole in the tab and push the other end into the hole in the opposite tab.

What color should the watch band be?

When choosing the color of your watch band, you should choose a tone that is compatible with the dial color of your watch. You should also take care to match the font on the watch dial and the style of the dial.

Metal band or leather?

When making this choice, your style and the thinness/thickness of your wrist structure are very important. If you have a thin and delicate wrist, metal watches may feel heavy on your wrist. For this reason, it is beneficial to choose leather cords; However, if you have thick wrists, you can easily use metal bands. Let's talk about durability... Metal straps are much more durable and require less maintenance than leather straps. Leather bands have higher wear and tear and require frequent maintenance.

How long should the watch strap be?

What determines the price of a watch band is, of course, the material the band is made of. There are different options of watch bands in the market, ranging from 100₺ to 2000₺. The determining factor here is your budget and which type of cord you choose.